About Us

“Life is full of blessings

But blessings are hidden in the darkness,

In order to see light in the darkness

Your heart must first be filled with sunshine.”


This part is extremely important. Without the following process, nothing will ever happen. The year 2004 was the most challenging and hardest days for Francis Yeo, one of the cofounders of Jumping Elephant Sdn.Bhd. He was entangled with these challenging and difficult days for a long eight years!


This is what as told by Francis Yeo personally :

  • “Dry Eye Syndrome, DES”, as the name suggests, is a situation where the eyes’tears making function dysfunction.  Eyes lacking of tears moisturizing function leads to irritation and inflammation, redness and scarring on the eyes, just like land without water moisturization becomes dry cracked and lifeless.
  • Another uncomfortable problem caused by Dry Eye Syndrome is the frequent feeling of foreign objects in the eyes, sometime feeling slight, sometime feeling strong, couldn't find out why so even after medical checkup.



Both body and soul are tortured and exhausted.

  • I've been suffering from the problem of dry and itchy for many years and feeling extremely depressed. I've visited countless ophthalmologists, working hard on massaging whichever eyes related meridian points, Chinese medication, acupuncture or even heat masking all in my attempts to solve the problem but none could be effective or lasting.


Men don't weep easily but in order to lighten the suffering of dry eyes, I watched sad movies or listened to grieve stories as the natural teardrops definitely more soothing and more effective than eye drops, most importantly no side effect. Unfortunately, it's not easy to make tears drop and it's in fact a dilemma of crying without tears.


Just when I was so disappointed and ready to give up finding further treatment, I met my secondary school teacher who told me this: “When you’ve tried every method and effort but all ended in vain, there is at least one more thing you can do, that’s putting some effort on the matter of cause and effect.   You reap what you sow, this is the law of cause and effect.” 


That means if I wished to solve my own problem, then I must first sow the seed of helping others.



Sharing the best with you.


Give and you shall be given.


After listened to my teacher's teaching, suddenly I seem to see light in the dark, I was extremely excited and grateful for what was taught!


For I knew at least I can still do something, life in fact is an endless battle, when there's a life there's a hope and I shouldn't have given up!


Six months prior to the gradual recovery of my eyes, I joined in a volunteers group and actively helping people with physical disabilities and bringing joys to them. This kind of contribution regardless of return healing my unhappy soul gradually.


During 2012 New Year, a volunteer doctor came to the nursing home that I voluntarily helping, after knowing my eye problem, he gave me twelve medicated patches and instructed I must apply the patches three times a day. He told me with full confidence that the problem will sure be solved!


That was the law of cause and effect.  Extremely grateful for that.


Since then my dry eyes problem never relapsed.


This is the main driving force for the setting up of Jumping. Elephant Sdn. Bhd.



Current Situation



With the most natural ingredients, the best quality, the most reasonable price, the most caring attitude, provide the most perfect series of healthy eye protection products for the whole family.



Striving for the most innovative quality product at a revolutionary price and leading the way to socially conscious business.


Corporate Culture

“Caring, Peace of Mind, Quality & Innovative”

Products and Consumers form the core value of Jumping Elephant Sdn. Bhd., we persevere and endeavor to produce high quality products in the industry. 

~Sharing the best with you!



Jumping Elephant Sdn. Bhd was founded on 1st February 2017. 


Started with two confounder and within a year, the company has grown into a business team with more than twenty business associates of different roles: Sales and Marketing, Product R&D, Operation, Customer Service, Logistics, IT support, Chinese medical consultants, Professional Beauty Advisers etc., forming a professional team jointly endeavor towards building Pro Eye™ a famous brand name in the market.


The Growing Process

We deeply believed, in order to reap, we must first sow.


In adherence to this business philosophy, we have common consensus that not to question three things at the beginning of the business venture: Income, Business and Future.


We only question how many people are benefited from our eye patches, how many people regain health and confidence due to our eye patches and how to R & D more quality products to benefit even more people.


Therefore just within less than six months the company was founded, Jumping Elephant Sdn. Bhd already continuously sponsored and promoted more than 30 charity activities including as follows:

  • MBSA Setia Alam Government Department Residents Charity Activity Health and Safety Carnival organized by Kossan Foundation
  • St. John Ambulance Malaysia Selangor Coastal Area Medical Care Charity fund raising.
  • 2018 11th Anniversary Hunger 30 Beach Camping
  • Pin Hwa Primary and High School Teachers’Day Annual Celebration
  • Seremban MonQ Resort and Donation to Dual Blessing Bhd Handicap Centre
  • Bukit Tinggi Pre School and Education Centres\
  • Port Dickson Secondary School 104th Fun Fare Charity
  • Sungai Lima Beautiful Life Festival PR activity
  • MPK Government Department Residents Charity Activity Health and Safety Carnival
  • Health Care Seminar organized by the Premier Hotel, Kuala Lumpur.
  • Nirvana Group Beautiful Life Festival PR activity
  • Tzu Chi Foundation blood donation activity and many more…



We are also invited to Setia Alam Government Residents Charity activity to present a sharing on “How to take care of eyes health with proper method”; permitted to promote and sponsor Pro Eye eye patches in Pin Hua Primary and High School as gratitude gift to the school directors and teachers;  invited to well known preschool education center and given an on-site teaching seminar on “How to take care of our eyes” and participation in many other activities that drawn good word of mouth and respond from the public, also began to gain the trust, attention and interest from the Chinese Medical Institutes. In addition, Pro Eye also gained the acceptance by the Kepong Chinese Medical Institute and Chinese Medical Treatment Centre as shelf treatment product, jointly organized “Love Our Eyes” activities with  Chinese Medical Treatment Centre to reciprocate and service the local community, from which we saw the unlimited potential and opportunity in building a reputable corporate brand name. 



Apart from that, Jumping Elephant Sdn.Bhd has also established “The Malaysia Eye Welfare Charity Campaign” to promote the correct methods of eye maintenance to the public.  This is a zero income charity campaign, aiming to teach people to master the right way of eye protection, to prevent a higher occurrence of eye diseases in younger age groups and winning at the starting line!


In upcoming and future promotion activities, we shall work closely with more Pre School Education Centre, Schools, Tuition Centers, Chinese Medical Centers, and various pharmacies to prepare the Pro Eye brand name penetrating into each and every individual and household.